Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Kansas I know

This is a scenic shot that many people may consider boring or empty because of the lack of mountains and trees. To me this photo is my heart and life. I took this shortly after Memorial day while visiting the graves of my maternal grandparents, Benjamin and Ruth Creed. They are buried at the Rose Hill cemetery just east of South Haven Kansas. This is the Kansas I know and love, a scene that I have looked upon so many times over my nearly 50 years. The wide open wheat fields. The constant breeze. The singing meadowlarks and bobwhite quail. I was moved by the wheat and clouds on this beautiful spring day.
Kansas is a land of wide open spaces, of elbow room and quiet contentment. This photo is what I hope heaven is like. I look forward to the time I can walk down the quiet country roads with my savior at my side. This photo also reminds me of the great call of Christ to go into all the world for the fields are ripe unto harvest. What is your relationship to Christ. I hope you know Him.
I took this with an old Konica T3 with a 40mm lens and Kodak film.