Saturday, August 24, 2013

1st church and the Country Bumpkin

I am reminded of an old story about a farmer who retired to the big city. On his first Sunday in the city, as was his long standing custom, took a good bath and put on his best flannel shirt and crisp starched bib overalls. He then put a quick spit shine on his well worn work boots and headed to the big First Church downtown. When the service concluded the minister looked over the farmers wardrobe as he shook hands with the farmer. The minister politely suggested that the farmer devote some earnest prayer as to how he should properly dress for church before returning. The following Sunday the farmer repeated his long standing custom as he prepared for church and again attended First Church. After the service the minister was now perturbed by this country bumpkin in overalls. As he shook hands with the farmer he asked him if he had engaged in earnest prayer about how he should dress for church like he had been asked. The farmer replied "Why yes I did Reverend." The minister inquired, "and what did the Lord say to you about how you should dress when coming to church here?" The farmer smiled and replied, "The Lord said he couldn't rightly tell me how I should dress when coming to this church, cause He had never been here before."

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