Thursday, July 30, 2009

Abilene Stadium Eisenhower Park Abilene Kansas

I love history and Dwight Eisenhower is one of my favorite presidents. Lucky for me I live in Kansas his home state. Last June Kansas CAP held a SAREX in Abilene, Eisenhower's hometown, and I took some time to walk around the park where we were based. Standing in front of the Abilene Stadium I learned that this is where president Eisenhower declared his candidacy for the presidency in 1952 on June 6, the D-day anniversary. Suddenly I felt in awe knowing I was standing where Eisenhower stood and made history.

There is history all around us. I would challenge you to look for the history near you and learn about it and let it surround you. In fact let's never forget the we ourselves make history everyday. Everything we do affects someone in someway and makes history. The children around us may one day be a president, governor, or general. They may even be the next great evangelist and prophet that God will use to change our world.

Most importantly what will history say about you? Will it record you as a faithful servant of the living God and His Christ? What have you done to influence the future for Christ.