Thursday, April 17, 2008

The ineffectiveness of the chuch

The church today is the most ineffective institution in America. The church, which carries all the authority and power of Christ, makes little impact on the American culture and seldom touches any lives outside of the insular Christian community. Why is this so? The answer lies in a simple three letter word, sin. American Christians have bowed to the alter of materialism and sacrificed to the god of mammon. We drive around cars whose cost could feed a family in a developing country for ten years. Church programs are designed to entertain and amuse the members all the while ignoring and even encouraging rampant disobedience to the King of kings. Millions are spent on buildings, signs, and parking lots, yet missionaries must spend years on deputation to raise funds to preach the gospel.

Our theology has become so shallow that we refuse to share the gospel because we have fallen for the false doctrine that there are ways to God other than Christ. Christ clearly stated that "no man comes to the father except through him."

What say you Christian? Will you surrender yourself to Christ, take up His cross and follow him? Or will you continue to care more about your feelings than the opinion of Christ. Will you repent of your materialism? Will you lay aside your idols? The church will have no impact and no power until you do.